Types of Load Cells



Load Cell

A pressure gauge – elastic member mixture association used for the measurement of load or weight known as load cell. It makes use of an elastic member as main transducer and pressure gauge as a secondary transducer. An appropriate airplane space is positioned on the eleastic member as a weight stand. Then, pressure gauge is connected to the elastic member.

Compression load cell Principle

Development of Load Cell

The determine proven under is the Load cell Building Diagram.On making use of load, the elastic member will deform or deflect. Because the pressure gauge is hooked up to the elastic member, pressure gauge might elongate or compress because of stress. This varies its size and in flip its resistance varies. By measuring the variation within the resistance of the pressure gauge, the utilized load could be calculated.

Construction of Load Cell

The determine exhibits the development of the tensile compressive cell which is a cylinder. This association makes use of 4 pressure gauges, every mounted at 90 to one another. On making use of load, as a consequence of rigidity, two of the pressure gauges expertise elongation or tensile stress whereas the opposite two are subjected to compression.

Load Cell Bridge Circuit

Because the load cell is cylinder, an axial compressive load causes a damaging pressure in vertical gauges and a optimistic pressure within the circumferential gauges. The 2 strains will not be equal. By utilizing bridge circuit, resistance of the pressure gauge is measured and therefore the unknown utilized load.

Kinds of Load Cells

The Load Cell Varieties are categorized primarily based on three standards. They’re

  • Working precept of a load cell
  • Development of Load Cell
  • Electrical Properties of the load cell

Primarily based on the Working Precept of the Load Cell

  • Compression Precept
  • Tensile based mostly Working
  • Common
  • Hole
  • Shear Primarily based

Primarily based on the Building of the Load Cell

  • S sort Development load cell
  • Load Button varieties
  • Single ended shear beam
  • Double ended shear beam Load cell
  • Single column and Multi Column load cell
  • Pancake Load cell
  • Diaphragm/membrane
  • Torsion Ring Load cell

Primarily based on the Electrical Properties of the Load cell

  • Analog and Digital property primarily based load cell
  • Resistance and Capacitance Based mostly
  • Piezoelectric and Wi-fi Primarily based Load cell


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