HVAC Water Chillers Principle



Water chillers are spine of HVAC cooling methods.Water chiller is a refrigeration machine which produces chilled water ( Approx 7 Diploma C ~ 12 Diploma C).The first operate of a chiller is to decrease the temperature of water to such worth such that it may be used for producing cooling impact in integration with different HVAC parts. A water chiller is rather like a different fridge machine however as an alternative of conserving your meals cool or making ice,it produces chilled water.The output of chiller is a water at decrease temperature often round about 10 degC relying upon the Chiller design.

HVAC water chillers play important function in any HVAC methods together with different primary parts. Chillers have gotten a lot consideration in recent times for its new designs and efficiency enchancment in current designs. New designs have resulted inhvac chiller with higher effectivity and fewer operation and upkeep prices. One other fascinating options is power saving and exact load or capability management  for brand new chillers. We see the chillers with above options in market however as engineering professionals we hope to see extra with design enhancements with much less O & M value. It’s important a part of HVAC system to have a chiller. Chiller producers have additionally expanded their manufacturing as properly design capabilities to cater to the diversified calls for of  HVAC chillers.

HVAC Chiller Fundamentals 

Working Precept of Vapor Compression Chiller

An HVAC chiller works on vapor compression or vapor absorption cycle.In vapor compression cycle, refrigerant circulates in evaporator ,compressor, condenser and enlargement valve of a chiller. A thermodynamic course of happens in every of above chillers.Theoretical working of Vapor compression or compression chillers is defined under.

Working Principle of Water Chillers

Warmth addition to refrigerant in evaporator ( 1-2) :

Refrigerant will get vaporized by taking warmth from chilled water in evaporator thus serving its prime objective. Refrigerant comes out of evaporator as vapors however on different facet chilled water is produced. Thus warmth is added to refrigerant at fixed strain however is extracted from chilled water. Each refrigerant and chilled water don’t get combined and are separated by some stable wall in between them in evaporator like shell and tube design.

Compression of refrigerant vapors in compressor (2 – three ) :

Refrigerant vapors come out of evaporator after which compressed by chiller compressor to excessive stress and temperature. Compressor requires vitality enter for its working and therefore electrical vitality is equipped to it.

Warmth rejection by refrigerant in condenser ( three – four ) :

Much like evaporator ,however reverse is occurring right here. Refrigerant rejects its warmth to outdoors cooling liquid or air .On this manner, refrigerant will get condensed and out of doors media is heated. outdoors media e.g. cooling water could also be cooled by cooling tower and recycled once more into condenser.

Enlargement of refrigerant in enlargement valve ( four -1 ) :

Refrigerant in condensed type popping out of condenser is expanded in enlargement valve and its stress and temperature is diminished to stage of evaporator in order that above cycle is repeated once more.

In above 4 parts of HVAC chiller, evaporator is the half the place we get chilled water after exchanging warmth with refrigerant.

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