HVAC Valves


HVAC Valves are such parts with out which we can’t management movement in pipes .Valves are wanted for each media whether or not it’s water, gasoline, air or some other liquid. Valves would have been wanted for solids if they might have potential to circulate. Like different areas, valves discover its intensive use in HVAC (heating, air flow and air-conditioning).

With particular deal with HVAC, following are the some main HVAC utility of valves.

  • Water Chiller, the center of HVAC system, has valves on inlet and outlet traces of chilled water and cooling water. These valves are often gate and globe valves that are used for isolation and throttling functions. Water chiller operates on vapor compression cycle or vapor absorption cycles which additionally require valves internally as a requirement of thermodynamics. For instance Refrigerant growth valve is required inside a water chiller cycle. Chilled and cooling water headers additionally want valves for isolation and heating/cooling changeover.
  • Much like water chillers, HVAC scorching water generator has additionally valves on its inlet and outlet for isolation and circulation management functions. If water chiller also can act as water heater then there is no such thing as a want of sizzling water generator clearly.
  • Chilled water pumps and cooling water pumps have additionally isolation and throttling valves on their inlets and retailers. Once we discuss water pumps then there are additionally test valves on the outlet of pumps to forestall reverse circulation.
  • Cooling towers are one other hvac equipments which require valves at inlet and outlet for stream management of cooling waterGenerally a float valve can also be within the basin of cooling tower to regulate the extent of water in cooling streams. Valves would even be wanted for make-up water traces in HVAC system and cooling towers.
  • Air dealing with models (AHUs) additionally want valves at inlet and outlet to control chilled water as per demand of cooling within the areas relying upon the kind of HVAC management system. These air dealing with unit valves are additionally related to some HVAC software program to remotely function them as per cooling/heating demand from HVAC customers. Drain valves are additionally provisioned inside air dealing with models.
  • If Fan Coil Items (FCUs) are put in in particular person rooms then valves may even be put in at entry and exit of those models to have exact management of cooling /heating for occupants of that house.


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