Classification of HVAC Chillers



Classification of HVAC chillers

Chiller Varieties have been designed to cater to the diversified requirement of commercial chillers. Water chillers have advanced because of the selection in availability of sort of power at business or small degree.

Sorts of chillers have made the usage of the chillers versatile by way of power enter.

HVAC Chiller

Industrial analysis within the subject of chiller has eased the number of chillers in a cost-effective and sturdy method.There isn’t a want of fear no matter sort of vitality you’ve out there with you.

Every sort of chiller targets the precise customers categorized on the idea of sort of vitality they’ve.

HVAC programs make use of various kinds of chillers inside the obtainable assets of shoppers or customers.

A chiller could also be the most suitable choice for explicit software whereas the identical chiller might expensive or much less possible for an additional utility or plant.

HVAC water chillers are labeled totally on the idea of cycle on which they work.

  • Vapor compression chillers or compression chillers or electrical chillers
  • Vapor absorption chillers or absorption chillers or ammonia chillers or lithium bromide chillers

Classification of HVAC chillers

Vapor compression chillers are additional categorized on following foundation.

  • Kind of compressor i.e reciprocating compressor,rotory compressor or screw compressor kind vapor compressor chillers
  • Sort of condenser i.e air cooled condenser or air cooled chillers OR water cooled condensers or water cooled chillers

Whereas Vapor absorption chillers are additional categorised as following:

  • Direct fired absorption chillers (Pure gasoline, Diesel or Kerosene Oil Operated)
  • Oblique fired absorption chillers


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