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Pastor Kumuyi’s son married an ‘unbeliever’ as controversy trails son’s wedding


It is no longer news that son of ‘holiness preacher’ and the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi walked down the aisle with his heartthrob over the week.

However, teeming followers of the respected former university don have condemned the classy wedding, which they tagged: Un-deeper-life-stic.

A close look at the weeding pictures of the couple posted online saw the bride donned in accessories that had been anathema to the ministry.

She was clad in a transparent fitted stylish short sleeves wedding gown, eyelashes, earrings makeup and wedding flower, which had never happened in the history of the ministry.

An angry follower of Kumuyi, after viewing the pictures commented, “People have refused to live their own life but rather attach it to an apron of hypocritical philosophy and man made doctrine. I exonerate the dynamic Senior Kumuyi, I think it is the people that have refused to change, I respect Kumuyi and his teachings but the people he is teaching are not learning, it is a pity, religion should embrace freedom, that is what the bible said. It only warned that you should not use your liberty for evil, or take the grace for granted.”

To another Emeka Jane, the development would lead to something else. She voiced her conviction thus, “I believe that with this, Deeper Life will metamorphose into something else. Those (some members) who have been looking for an opportunity like this to dress as they like, will cease this particular opportunity.

“And who says the lady is not a believer? Another John Edward querried, “Doing what pleases her without being condemned by God on a one in life time event, does that make her an unbeliever. One hymn says, ‘if heart condemns you not, you will have a glorious rest’ and please don’t indulge in sin by judging others, most especially servants of the most high, leave the judgment to God who created all of us.” He warned.

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  1. You want the church to change their doctrines to suit your lifestyle that’s the weirdest, selfish and most inconsiderate thing I ever heard by a long shot.. The church doesn’t force itself on you, you don’t like the way they do things turn a blind eye and continue on your own path, the truth isn’t in doctrines but in the bible make sure you stick to that on that path you have chosen.. Enjoying your wedding day has never guaranteed an enjoyable marriage. Spitting the church doesn’t help your course to heaven anyways it shows yur shallow mindedness and yur absoluute non-state of spirituality .

  2. knowledge is a force that causes changes, the problem is that people claim to be educated yet the act very foolish,well because the don,t know what the bible is all about, if u don,t have the revelation of Christ u will act like one of then, the bible says in TITUS-1,15…unto the pure all things are pure…in TIMOTHY-6,17 GOD who giveth all things richly to enjoy…so it is ignorant that is disturbing dose who foolishly work in darkness and think they are pleasing GOD…self righteousness only produce wickedness and jealousy..HOSEA-4,6 says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..the wisdom of this world is foolishness to GOD

  3. The hullabaloo generated by this wedding is to show that man creates hypocrism when GOD ALMIGHTY did not ask us to do that. This marriage in the open shows that even Pastor Kumuyi’s children do not share his doctrine or phylosophy, so rather than castigate or ask for apoligies from the innocent people who did what could make them happy on their wonderful day, Pastor Kumuyi should review his Church doctrine. Our LORD JESUS CHRIST said, the law is made for man and not the other way round. I wish you congratulations my dear on your wedding day. Afterall muslim ladies have married Christians and their parents did not disown them. Asiwaju Senator Ahmed Tinubu is a muslim, his wife is a Christian, they are happy and indeed have become the envy of many people. Ask Chiefs Tom Ikim, Don Etiebet, etc

  4. wedding gown, veil, short sleeve, cake.. are not sin.Responses so far have shown that most deeper lifers were forced to dress the way they did on their wedding day not out of conviction. so marriage commity shd allow ple to be happy on their wedding day.

  5. When God said “touch not my annointed……..”I don’t think dis is part of it oh! If not God wuldnt have allowed us have intelligence 2 know good and bad.dis is pure hypocrisy.past kumuyi didn’t ask for his dta inlaw’s gown b4 d wedding or at least didn’t stop d wedding when he saw it on dat day?so dey know dat d way dey have made dia followers dress all des years is irritating 2 d eye ba?

    • @ifeanyi pastor kumuyi was not in jamiaca d pastor over there shd ve screened d wedding dress,dey both knew d standard but decided to do other wise,john shd ve known better dan to allow his wife dress dat way atimes not all ur kids follow ur footstep all u need is pray for dem

  6. I am just wondering why this lady is been judged. Shes bold enough to dress sweet on her wedding. Dats much better dan sme who are dressed so deeper life but wen given an opportunity outside their homes, they will dress even so outrageously that ppl will be shocked.

  7. this is a serious issue, well let all the believers follow the normal procedure of marriage, dont be discourage by what people do, be your self cause the bible says do not follow multitude to do evil, (you no what is right).

  8. Okay, first and foremost, its important to note that our christian race is an INDIVIDUAL one, that is, EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES. God deals with an individual personally.One thing that shouldn’t get out of hand is thinking that dressing will take you to heaven. It wont. It is a righteous and pure heart and a steadfast relationship with God through Christ Jesus. Am i saying that deeper life women should not dress the way they do? NO! they can and should continue to, as they dress that way unto the Lord. It is important not to do eye service in the things of the Lord, if a woman is convicted by the Holy spirit to not alter or “revamp” her appearance i.e changing the way God made her, then leave her to her conviction. No one does the judging except God. I dress in a similar way as they do, but there was a time i wore pants, jewellry etc. And beleive me, NO HUMAN BEING and i emphasize, NO LIVING SOUL told me to stop those things. I never even stepped foot into a deeperlife church at the time i got the conviction. I studied the word of God and prayed and he lead me to the way he wants me to dress. The dress does not make a christian, but the christian makes the dress. That is not to say i was not a believer when i had all these things on me, i was and i loved the lord! but when i realized that the lord was not pleased with those things on me, because of my love for God and desire to please him, i had to take those things off. I pray God will really help us in our walk with him, and give us understanding as to mind our own relationship with him and work out our salvation with trembling(Philippians 2:12).God hates idolatry, and anything we put before him serves as an idol.so if the lord even tells you to give up eating meat, would that be too much? After all, Abraham was willing to give up Isaac and Jesus was willing to give up his life :). And i will have everyone know, that it is not only deeperlife women who dont wear pants or earrings or dont perm thier hair. I live in north america and i have seen white people who dont wear pants (or trousers )or change the color of their hair etc. We are to be careful in not letting traditions of the church determine our righteousness, but rather the word of God. so my sisters or whoever reading this, if the lord has convicted you to stop doing something, obey him and not man. For when it is time for the lord to judge you, he is going to use his word, what would you tell him? “This person did it so i too did it?” Do not compare yourselves with others, as those who do so are not wise(Corinthians 10:12).yes you can take counsel, but test everything with the word of God. Even if John kumuyi’s wife was wearing a boob tube and shorts, does that mean that now you would wear?! if so, Then that means that the word of God hasn’t settled in you and you are just following traditions without conviction. Please lets know what we are doing and as long as we are sure of where we are going, what people say would mean very little.

    • i find your assessment quite objective and I thank God for you.I strongly believe Christianity has effect on dressing but the limit should be determined by your conviction and relationship with God!
      I feel personally let down by what John Kumuyi has done and I think if they had being considerate of their parents should not have gone that far,All things are lawful but not expedient.
      May God help Pastor Kumuyi to finish his ministry and race with joy

      • Make your personal finding; don’t rely on people’s find than the truth will surface. I have made my findings and that put me on the right track.

  9. Time will come when everybody has to defend his / her christian experience. This is the time, more terible things will still happen in these last days. I strongly agree with Timoty’s view. Im a member of the church over 20 years. My christian experiences are standing like rock gibralter. If you backslide and go into sin because of ‘film trick’ you saw, (OYO) you have yourself to be blame on the last day. In these last days, WATCH your Words, Actions, Tought, Character and Habit. Dont look back, trumphet is about to sound. Its for your benefit o, not for me. BE PREPARED, GOD WILL HELP US. LORD, I NEED MORE OF YOUR GRACE.

  10. Brethren!!! let us be more focus on been qualified for RAPTURE, it will soon take. This is satanic strategy to hinder many of making RAPTURE. Missing rapture is as bad as going to hell. Jesus is our Judge. Jesus is coming soon. Please beware. Qualification for heaven is STRICT. I heard from a man of God that as at June 2012 only 1260 people are qualified for rapture all over the world. What will be our joy if we miss rapture. JESUS IS WEEPING OVER THE STATE OF HIS CHURCH MANY OF US ARE LAUGHING. Will the SUFFERING and DEATH of JESUS for us be in vain?. WE should be PRAYING for our Pastor but if you cannot pray, KEEP QUIET. Because we shall all give account of our IDLE WORD/SPEECH before God on the last day. Be WATCHFUL and PRAYERFUL FOR YOUR SOUL. HELL is REAL and DANGEROUS and Satan waiting there for the careless souls. BE A WISE VIRGIN. God will help us all in JESUS Name AaaaaMeeeeen

  11. Hmmm, this is wonderful and unimaginable. I remember when i was a member of the church, ladies will submit their wedding dresses for approval before the d day. It was compulsory to do so or have the wedding cancelled. You have the choice of adjusting your dresses to suit the church style or get an emergency dress tailored. Most of those dresses were locally tailored ofcourse. I remember when i was asked to remove a tiny goldlike fancy thing at the heel of my shoe before i was allowed to were it. I t was terrible.
    Well, I see this wedding as a welcome development. But the members have to fight for their freedom.

    • @TBaby:ther is no need fighting for freedom.we ar already free in Christ.The Lord Jesus Christ has won the freedom for us.Just strive to enter heaven wher u ar now.

  12. Hey. people seem not to understand whom God is. God’s judgement is different from human judgement.Sorry to say,the followers of pastor Kumuyi,a man of God i so much respect normally do something out of the way against what Pastor Kumuyi was saying. Pastor kumuyi is an educated man that has gone far, home and abroad,and i am persuaded and convinced that is a man that knows God.I was once a member of Deeper life that heard some saying if you put on good cloths, you have backslidden.We should try to adjust to good plans of God for our lives. It is not for us to judge. I know the sister has the spirit of God that leads her to do the right things.Spirit of God can not go against the way of God. let us celebrate these people and pray for them.Remember, don’t speak against HIS anointed. We will all make it to heaven in Jesus’ Name and your own celebration will come (Amen)

  13. I guess u people dont understand, not that it is a sin to dress like that, but Deeper Life as a church had preached that it is worldliness and therefore could lead to hell. do u know that many deeper life sisters never had the opportunity of celebrating their wedding day like this one am seeing now because of their doctrine? in deeper life wedding, the girl cannot wear wedding gown like she wore now. How will they come back to apologize to all those they have deprived from dressing like that on their wedding day?
    “People have refused to live their own life but rather attach it to an apron of hypocritical philosophy and man made doctrine. I exonerate the dynamic Senior Kumuyi, I think it is the people that have refused to change…”

    When i was to get my water baptism in Deeper Life, we were told that if there are any of us that had Tv in our houses, we will not be baptized.
    People missed the opportunity of dressing like that because they believed their leader said it is worldliness which can lead to sin. Am sorry, am not against Past. Kumuyi but i think the church has a lot of questions to answer to all those they’ve deprived of such opportunity. Cos they will never be happy, and that could possibly lead them to hell. dont u think so?

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